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Whether your bathroom needs a facelift or a full renovation, you’re looking at an average cost of anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 for a mid-range renovation. Of course, the subtotal of your bathroom remodel is often dictated by the cost of the chosen finishes, the hourly rate of contractors involved, and the potential for foundation or plumbing problems. Labor, as well as basic fixtures, can run you anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. Most remodeling services offer pricing estimates or have a calculator you can use to effectively get a better idea of how much it costs to remodel your bathroom based on square footage.


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How A Bathroom Renovation Affects Your Home’s Value

A fully renovated bathroom can positively impact the overall value of your property. When the remodel is done well and actually helps make the most of the bathroom space, it can make it easier to recoup the remodeling costs during the selling process. On average, homeowners can make back up to 67.2% of their mid-range remodeling costs while high-end luxury remodels can earn back about 60.2% of the investment. In short, homeowners can find an up to 10% added increase in their home’s value thanks to their bathroom renovation.

Reasons To Invest In A Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom may seem like a costly investment, but it yields a large number of advantages that shouldn’t get overlooked.
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Remodels Can Increase The Value of Your Home

When trying to sell your home in a competitive market, you can rest assured that potential buyers are looking for value. In a home, value is most often perceived as a fully renovated bathroom with modern fixtures. By investing in a remodeling project, you can add 10% to your home’s value, enjoy the bathroom for a few years, and sell your home faster in a competitive market.

Fix The Layout or Square Footage of Your Bathroom

Figure out what you want to do with the space – this will help you figure out the supplies and materials you might need, which can vary for each room. Additionally, you may want to consider thinking about the materials, decor, and furniture you will need to fill the space. If your basement is unfinished with simple walls, but tiled floors, then all that may be needed are some paint supplies for decorating purposes as well as light fixtures or wall sconces. However, if there are no windows in the room or it has drop ceilings with exposed piping everywhere, then you might need to consider insulation or drywall repair along with paint.

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Remodels Can Increase The Value of Your Home

Most bathrooms are outdated simply because they’re costly to remodel and require modernizing. If your bathroom has chipped or peeling tiles, cracked fixtures or poor lighting, a remodel can give it a modern facelift. It adds perceived value to your home, yes, but it also makes the space more desirable to use and likely to last a long time. The money you invest in new fixtures will also mean added safety features as modern construction materials are wholly non-toxic.
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Bathroom Renovation to Address Structural or Surface Damage.

The longer a bathroom goes without proper remodeling, the more unseen damage it can suffer. Mold and water damage are two of the most serious problems that may occur in an area with poor ventilation. They cause respiratory issues and can also lead to structural damage if not properly addressed. Likewise, old electrical wiring and outlets without proper grounding can pose a fire risk and the potential for electrocution if not properly handled with 21st century standards.

Installing Energy-Efficient Modern Appliances

Depending on the number of appliances present in your bathroom, you can experience a positive change in energy efficiency. Investing in a new water heater, whether gas or electric, can help address the bathing needs of a young family while keeping the energy spending of the family in check. Renovating a bathroom yields many positive results from an increase in the value of your home to a better layout that is more conducive to your needs!

How Louisville Home Remodeling Can Help

We are a professional bathroom remodeling company specializing in all things home remodeling. We provide homeowners with an accurate assessment of how much material labor it will take to get the job done. We use high-quality materials, with specialized trained technicians and contractors to so you can trust Louisville Home Remodeling with any type of project. As a result, we have the experience necessary to provide all types of bathroom and home renovations to transform you home into the beautiful space you dream of! Contact us for a free quote for you next home renovation.

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